Letter: Benton’s answers revealing



Regarding the July 28 story, “Benton discusses new county job,” state Sen. Don Benton’s interview with The Columbian about his new job as director of environmental services was informative.

His edifying answers to questions clearly indicate a man out of his depth.

Consider this: In response to the question, why do you think they chose you? Benton responds with inanities such as he’s good with people and good at managing — “I’ve managed companies.”

On his response to his poor voting record on environmental issues as state senator, he actually says the public’s comments are based on his voting record in the state Legislature and “not on who I am, right?” Huh?

Who he is is an “environmentalist” who grew up on the farm and made sure the tap was off when he soaped up. Also, because he’s been faithfully recycling for “years and years.” What a good little boy.

Benton has no credentials related to environment. It was the job of Clark County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke to hire someone with a track record on environmental issues.

Instead, they chose to engage in cronyism. They have done this county a great disservice.

Pankaja Cauligi