Letter: Five is preferable to three



I have concerns about our Clark County commissioners, yet there is one thing they could do that would greatly restore my faith in the process (if not in the individuals) — they could choose to initiate the move from a three- to a five-member board.

Clark County has grown too big to be adequately represented by three people. How can the current board keep in touch with the tens of thousands in their districts and stay on top of everything else we ask of them? Splitting the county and duties five ways provides for better representation and a more feasible workload.

There are too many important decisions being made by only two voices. Twice in the past month, only two commissioners were at the weekly public meeting where policy decisions are being made. Granted, the members were gone for valid reasons, but it would be better to have enough people on the board so that when one was gone, there would be enough members remaining to have a good discussion.

In my opinion, five brains working together are always better than three. Five perspectives would bring broader discussions and move our county forward. Commissioner Steve Stuart has expressed support for this idea. It’s time for the others to get on board as well.

Patricia Roe