Letter: MacArthur project is misguided



I wonder about the project to change MacArthur Boulevard into one auto lane in each direction from Mill Plain to Leiser and make the other lane for bicycles only. For a city that claims to be strapped for money, this seems like a waste of funds.

I drive MacArthur nearly every day and have done so for many years. In recent weeks, I have paid particular attention to bicycle traffic. Most days I see none, on rare occasions one or two.

Contrast that with the Old Evergreen Highway. Dozens of cyclists go by my house every day, often in groups. It’s interesting to note there are no or very narrow shoulders from Interstate 5 all the way to 164th Avenue, so why do dozens of cyclists choose the Old Evergreen Highway? Because it’s a beautiful ride and shaded most of the way. To claim safety as a reason to butcher MacArthur flies in the face of reality. Accidents do happen from time to time on many different streets but for the cost of this massive project, the city could clean up every ugly, overgrown median and right of way throughout the city and have money left over.

Ernest Badolato