Clark County charter effort draws 20 freeholder candidates so far

Current and former legislators, other familiar political figures enter freeholder races

By Stevie Mathieu, Columbian Assistant Metro Editor



Today is the first day to file as a Clark County freeholder candidate, and at least 20 residents, many of them familiar political figures, have already thrown their hats in the ring.

In all, 15 freeholders will be elected, and they will get the chance to write a charter for Clark County. The so-called home-rule charter would allow the county to be governed by its own set of rules, as long as those rules don’t conflict with the U.S. or Washington state constitutions.

Here’s who has filed so far:

District 1, Position 1: Garry Lucas

District 1, Position 2: Ann Rivers

District 1, Position 5: Randy Mueller

District 2, Position 2: Lloyd Halverson and Debbie Abraham

District 2, Position 3: Judie Stanton

District 2, Position 4: Paul Dennis

District 3, Position 1: Pat Jollota, Michael Heywood and Sunrise O’Mahoney

District 3, Position 2: Val Ogden, Rob Figley and Paul Harris

District 3, Position 3: Jim Moeller, Maureen Andrade, Bruce Samuelson and Jerry Keen

District 3, Position 4: Temple Lentz and Dan Barnes

District 3, Position 5: Jim Mains

Freeholders can propose a number of changes to county governance, including increasing the number of commissioners who serve Clark County or creating a binding code of ethics for elected officials. Whatever charter they create must be approved by the voters.

The filing period for Clark County freeholder candidates ends 5 p.m. Friday. Candidates must be registered to vote, and they have to have been residents of Clark County for at least five years.

The list of candidates who have filed to run in the Nov. 5 election is available on the Clark County website. Freeholder positions are nonpartisan, and terms last up to one year.

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