Letter: Do more to bridge the divide



The name-calling and blaming instead of compromise surrounding the Columbia River Crossing has failed all of us.

In the July 26 online story, “Inslee calls Benton, Rivers a brick wall,” Gov. Jay Inslee lays blame at Senators Don Benton, R-Vancouver, and Ann Rivers, R-La Center, for the failure of CRC to even come to the floor during session.

Inslee, as governor, must find a way to bring Benton and Rivers on board. Inslee’s comment, “Those two senators have stymied any progress on this bridge project. … Until that changes, there’s not a lot I or you can do about that,” gives his constituents the idea that he’s throwing his hands up in frustration because he can’t bring the senators around. That is what we elected him to do.

It’s unlikely we will see any matching federal funds allotted to this project in the near future. Giving up those funds to partisan politics does a disservice to every person in our region and the nation, which relies on the Interstate 5 corridor for transport, now and far into the future.

What a massive disappointment that our state Legislature couldn’t come together to give us one of the best economic development projects our region has seen.

Do more, Inslee. We need a river crossing project to succeed.

Suzanne Mickelson