Letter: Attend public scoping hearings



When we burn coal, the dirtiest of fossil fuels, it releases CO2, mercury and other toxins into our one, shared atmosphere, adding to increased climate change. If the Pacific Northwest exports our cheap coal to Asia, these nations will undoubtedly build more coal power plants than they otherwise would. We only have this one planet, and must do everything we can to keep this planet livable for future generations.

Our climate has already changed, with more and stronger storms, higher temperatures, drought, floods, forest fires, rising sea levels and ocean acidification.

Communities along the railroad tracks will suffer from increased coal and diesel pollution, which threatens our health and environment, increases traffic delays as mile-long coal trains pass by, and increases risk of derailment and the dumping of coal into the Columbia River or our communities. It seems to me that this is a huge price to pay for the promise of a few unhealthy jobs in Longview.

Please attend the scoping hearings on the Longview coal export terminal: Sept. 17 in Longview at the Cowlitz Expo Center, and Oct. 9 in Vancouver at the Clark County Events Center at the Fairgrounds.

Virginia Nugent