Letter: Marijuana law hurts businesses



In December 2012, Washington voters passed the legalization of recreational marijuana use.

As a manager for a local business, I have found it harder to find qualified applicants for our industrial setting who can pass a pre-employment drug screening. Regardless of state law, the use of any drug is against company policy and will lead to immediate termination. Along with my own frustrations, I have spoken with many other local business representatives who have expressed the same difficulties, particularly in the industrial machining and fabrication areas.

As outlined in Initiative 502, the state control board has until Dec. 1, 2013, to establish control measures for retail facilities. I believe, for citizens and business owners alike, it is not too late to reverse the vote on I-502. I urge all responsible citizens and businesses to write to our state representatives and local leaders in order to start the anti-I-502 initiative to keep our state drug free.

Thayne Hymas