Letter: Parking at fair creates frustration



My wife and I went to the county fair on Aug. 9. In years past, we had no problem getting into the ADA parking.

After paying $6, we asked for the ADA lot. The attendant said that we’d have to leave the line we were in, go to the next lot and turn around. After turning around, we got into a line of cars heading in the direction we assumed would take us to the ADA parking lot. Almost to our assumed destination, the attendant motioned for us to turn right. I informed the attendants that we needed the ADA parking lot. They assured us that it was just around the corner.

Proceeding right, we drove into what was the parking for the amphitheater. Frustrated and confused, we asked another attendant how to get to the ADA parking lot. She apologized for the mix-up and informed us to turn around and to proceed to lot “A” or “B.”

Trying to get to the aforementioned lot, we faced another lot attendant. He rudely informed us to turn left here, that it was our only option. Again, I requested how to get to the ADA parking lot. He told us we could only park here; there was no other option.

Totally frustrated, we left. We drove home and kept the money we would have spent at the fair.

David Taylor