Weather Eye: Wishing ‘that summer could always be here’




In the past several days there were some awesome thunderstorms around the Pacific Northwest. But at my home in Salmon Creek, I guess I was in the sucker hole — despite a brief shower and lots of dark clouds in all directions, there was nothing, no measurable precipitation here.

We are nearly at the half-way point in the month and Vancouver officially escaped any measurable rainfall from the scatted showers and thunderstorms that moved through. Just a trace on Friday and Saturday. We did receive measurable rainfall Aug. 1, with 0.04 of an inch, so it will not go into the record books as a dry month like July did.

More sunshine and clouds will mix this week — much like last week — with highs in the 80s when it’s full sunshine, and near 80 plus-or-minus with the occasional cloudiness. Still, no big rain producers appear in the mix.

I’ve had several readers write me that they could feel a subtle change in the air the past few days, a sense of the waning of summer with autumn around the corner. I know it is coming but I am trying to ignore the inevitable, wishing summer could always be here.

With the unstable air lately, and plenty of dust particles and smoke in the atmosphere, the sunsets have been remarkable and so have the sunrises. It makes for some excellent photography.

We do have another upper-level low dropping down form Alaska, which will park itself off California and southern Oregon before shifting northward. We will have to see if it brings any sky shows with lightning and thunder — nothing is foreseen at this point, but stay tuned. Maybe, just maybe, we will get a good downpour, short in duration but enough to freshen things up.

Enjoy your week!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at