Letter: Hope lies with governor’s rejection



The Port of Vancouver commissioners’ decision, behind closed doors, to lease 42 acres to Tesoro Corp. and Savage Companies for an oil terminal has an odor worse than that of crude oil. Prior to their decision there should have been a contingency provision for an independent study of issues to stay in the project:

  1. The volatility of fracking crude oil.

  2. Comparison of failure rate of DOT-111 and 111A as opposed to DOT-112 and 114 tank cars, which have head shields and other protective devices.

  3. With the 2.25 million barrels of storage in six tanks and 380,000 barrels delivered daily, air quality is an important issue.

  4. Comprehensive security plan to protect against terrorist actions.

The oil companies and railroads are lobbying so they do not have to be forced to upgrade DOT-111 and 111A tank cars, claiming it will cost $1 billion. Their profits reflect their ability to pay and do not reflect the tax deduction they would receive.

Gov. Jay Inslee will have the final say. Consideration should be given to quality of life in Clark County. We can only hope that massive oil and railroad company lobbying, plus campaign contributions, will not be the deciding factor.

Wilfred J. Hudson