Letter: Lesson in tolerance lost



Every day for 15 minutes a New Hampshire mother has been praying on the steps of a school her children attend for the safety of the kids inside. The reaction is complaints and accusations by faceless individuals lacking the courage to be known and a denial of the right to face accusers. An out-of-town group decides that she needs to be removed. And the public leaders and judges accede to the demands.

Would not have it been better to appreciate what she was doing? More intelligent, thoughtful people would have joined in her efforts. Non-religious group could have come up with ways to remind the kids to think first before doing, ask them to utter kind words, remind them of the senseless violence elsewhere.

Better if leaders and judges actually led in creative ways; recognizing it as an opportunity to bring people together instead of driving them apart. Better if the faceless in the shadows came out into the light to actually talk.

Our greatest strengths in America are our abilities to tolerate each other, work together and apply our freedom-based creativity to solve problems. When we apply these abilities we can do anything.

Joe Krajewski