Vital Statistics



Marriage dissolutions


Bailey, Lisa M. and Michael L. Woman's name changed to Tremble.

Bennett, Mikhaila Carol and Brandon C. Woman's name changed to Todd.

Berry, Rebecca and Raymond.

Blankenship, Jeremy Wayne and Blankenship-Olson, Annie M. Woman's name changed to Olson.

Collell, Jeffrey Lawrence and Oehley, Tavis Willow.

Delaney, April Joy and Ayodeji, Abraham Oluwaseyi.

Fassold, Chelsea and Clinton Arthur.

Fleischmann, Jennie Bodil and Vernon Dale.

Greenberg, Amy Renae and Jeffrey Ryan.

Harris, Susan E. and Kim Anthony.

Keele, Joshua Quinn and Wendy Lea.

Lee, Kelly Suzanne and Steven Michael.

Leonard, Nicole Andrea and Daniel James.

Lopez, Victoria Grace and Jeremy Rey. Woman's name changed to Raia.

Martin, Dallas James and Brandi Alexanderia.

McRae, Kelly Jo and Terrence Maurice Jr.

Meushaw, Stephanie Michelle and James Michael. Woman's name changed to Thorp.

Nordstrom, Irene S. and James E.

Owens, Mark D. and Schelhorn, Jessica E.

Price, Linsie Brianne and Garcia, Joel.

Rax, Sheri Christine and Raxian Morios. Woman's name changed to Dorney.

Rohde, Connie Sue and Edwin Jay.

Seberiano-Zavala, Margarita and Villanueva, Victor Calderon.

Seth, David Michael and Maria Lynn. Woman's name changed to Hadeed.

Sotelo, Maria Nava and Castillo, Alfredo Contreras.

Trevillyan, Tracie Lyn and Christian Kory.


Beck, Jennifer Alison and Darrell Ivan.

Bergquist, Kathleen Boyd and Roydn Anders.

Berkeley, Jeffrey Richard and Elizabeth B.

Brassfield, Deborah Lynn and Alan Eugene.

Comer, Kimberly and Timothy S.

Furrer, Jennifer Shaw and Ryan John.

Hill, Ian Christian and Fielding, Andrea M.

Hisel, Stephanie and Joel Marvin.

Hosking, Vinnie Lea and Dale Allen.

Hubbard, Kevin L. and Swanberg, Nichole M.

Kilfoil, Match M. and Tamara Clair.

Kramer, Heather Lanette and Robert Richard.

Jones, Jamie Nicole and Nicholas Michael.

McCall, Kimberly Dawn and Michael Howard.

Miller, Brandilyn Ann and Damien Waldermar.

Murdock, Patricia Lynn and John Clarence.

Price, Erin and Daniel.

Rentz, Ashly Lynn and Dale Fredric.

Smith, Holli and Jeffrey.

Uhlig, Travis Jason and Joan M.

Washburn, Leo-Cadie and Ortale, Thomas Anthony.

Williams, Tanya and Lorenzo.

Zang, Yuan-Qing and Xie, Ming.


Gabel, Angela Kay and Alan Nelson.

Sinclair II, Cecil E. and Walling, Mary Francis.

Thompson, Cynthia Catherine and Jeffrey Alan.

Marriage licenses


Reid, Catherine Sharman, 33, Vancouver, and Huth, Markus Erich, 34, Germany.

Charest, Renee Elizabeth, 33, Portland, and Outlaw, Aric, 41, Portland.

Mendoza, MahAnn, 53, Keizer, Ore., and Kirk, Lisa Diane, 55, Keizer, Ore.

Blackwood, Patti Lea, 59, Portland, and Foy, Donna Ann, 54, Portland.

Krecek, Aika Marissa, 27, Portland, and Anderson, Shawn Joseph, 26, Portland.

Tauelangi, Vililomimai Tanginoa, 52, Battle Ground, and Malungahu, Unaloto Ki-Fai Toka, 51, Battle Ground.

Gill, John Dean, 25, Vancouver, and Price, Amber Crystalynn, 23, Vancouver.

Sjolander, Heather Dawn, 29, Vancouver, and Gordon, Eric Joseph, 29, Vancouver.

Doggett, Antonia Clare, 55, St. Helens, Ore., and Blakely, Tamara Lynn, 44, St. Helens, Ore.

Krol, Michael Robert, 39, Beaverton, Ore., and Wright, Torri Lynn, 35, Beaverton, Ore.

Bryant, Kristin Lane, 31, Scappoose, Ore., and Sykes, Jackie Wray, 33, St. Helens, Ore.

Kurkowski, Kerry Joseph, 36, Woodland, and Ross, Nicole Lynn, 27, Woodland.

Partida-Iniguez, Diana, 18, Vancouver, and Gastelum, William Abelardo, 19, Vancouver.

Ruark, Lauren Allyce, 25, Vancouver, and Walters, Kyle David, 23, Vancouver.

Robertson, Rachel Marie, 24, Vancouver, and McAtee, Johnathen Micheal, 33, Washougal.

May, Marta Vera, 65, Battle Ground, and Savoy, Thomas Dale, 65, Battle Ground.

Vitells, Sophie Rachel, 27, Portland, and Enloe, Isaac Wesley Morgan, 36, Portland.

Lopez, Isabel Guzman, 36, Vancouver, and Salazar, Mauro Castillo, 32, Vancouver.

Schroeder, Kelly Ann, 48, Vancouver, and Gill, Howard Allen, 73, Vancouver.

Dickerson, Pearl Natasha, 28, Ridgefield, and McGough, Richard Alexander, 25, Vancouver.

Nett, Paula Kathleen, 32, Portland, and Deeken, Andrea Lynn, 33, Portland.

Huston, Gabriel Nicholas, 37, Woodland, and Lee, Katie Lorraine, 32, Woodland.

Stacey, Nichole Lee, 24, Vancouver, and Powers, Andrew Clark, 26, Vancouver.

Dircksen, Cierra Linae, 22, Vancouver, and Howland, Blake Aaron, 26, Vancouver.


Barr, Tiffany Ann, 32, Camas, and Cobb, Jamie Allen, 33, Camas.

Berahmand, Sarah Christine, 33, Vancouver, and Nelson, Erin Russ, 46, Vancouver.

Boyes, Tyler Michael, 25, Sacramento, Calif., and Holter, Melissa Louise, 28, Sacramento, Calif.

Broussard, Marlon Joseph, 42, Portland, and Smith, Frederick Tyronne, 41, Portland.

Bustos, Marie Daneila, 28, Vancouver, and Bear, Aaron Anthony, 29, Vancouver.Cain, Nathan Mitchelle, 21, Battle Ground, and Kesler, Holly Samantha, 20, Battle Ground.Cedeno, Melisa Cristina, 25, Gresham, Ore., and Benge, David Alan, 47, Gresham, Ore.

Dominey, Diana Elaine, 50, Vancouver, and Haertel, Grant Harrison, 43, Vancouver.

Grassl, Justin Andrew, 24, Vancouver, and Holman, Alexander Michael, 22, Vancouver.

Grimme, Aaron Timothy, 23, Vancouver, and Vandeberg, Chelsee Marie, 22, Vancouver.

Inskeep, Kathileen Lynn, 51, Vancouver, and Fournier, Camille Collette, 61, Vancouver.Kititeekakul, Lachata, 28, Vancouver, and Wells, Kayla Eileen, 23, Vancouver.

Konkowski, Christine Denise, 41, Camas, and Campbell, Jonathan Michael, 42, Camas.

Leyva, Edwin, 20, Vancouver, and Valadez-Cortes, Mariana, 18, Vancouver.Park, Joyce, 34, Los Angeles, and Macaya, Jason Miguel, 36, Los Angeles.

Standard, Marcia Louise, 45, Portland, and Grindeland, Katherine Jane, 39, Portland.Taylor, Heather Noelle, 25, Vancouver, and Wright, Steven Paul, 26, Vancouver.

Zhukov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, 25, Vancouver, and Novitskaya, Inna Vyacheslavovna, 33, Vancouver.

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