Hate east-side bridge idea? Contact auditor about voters’ guide



Think adding a new bridge spanning the Columbia River east of the I-205 bridge is a crummy idea? The Clark County Auditor’s Office wants to hear it.

The office is seeking a citizen to write a statement opposing an advisory measure resolution on an “East County Toll-Free Bridge.”

Each year, the auditor’s office includes the local voters’ pamphlet in the state voters’ pamphlet for the general election, and it is mailed to all households in Clark County. The pamphlet includes statements and photographs of candidates for elective office as well as supporting and opposing statements for state and local ballot measures.

Often, the auditor receives a supporting argument for a local ballot measure but no opposing statement. In such a case, the auditor can attempt to identify citizens interested in writing an opposing statement.

This year, the auditor’s office received six advisory measures from the Board of Clark County Commissioners. The commissioners appointed committees to write statements supporting all advisory measures, but were not able to identify anyone willing to write a voters’ pamphlet statement against the advisory measure resolution on an “East County Toll-Free Bridge.”

People interested in writing an opposing statement should email the Elections Department at elections@clark.wa.gov or call Elections at 360-397-2345 and provide identifying information, including an email address. Deadline is 5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 26.