Letter: Criminals get what they deserve



It’s little less than astonishing when a celebrity, or anyone of social prominence, is sent to jail for doing wrong. So, when it was announced that Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife will see the inside of a prison cell, it briefly roused me from a catatonic state of social disillusionment. More than 3,000 incidents of stealing campaign money for personal expenditures, and cheating on their income taxes, apparently had put an edge upon the blade of blatant abuse sharp enough to pierce the insulating fabric invisibly protective of their kind. Thus, not Jesse’s timely diagnosis of bipolar disorder (the attempted blame vehicle), nor his wife’s impressive multitasking talents, pilfering while “doting” on her children, could quiet the sea of strident, glaring evidence.

I believe that even a nepotistic ascent to a privileged station of power and responsibility deserves more than cheating on your wife, trying to obtain Obama’s Senate seat unethically and stealing money.

Michael E. White