Letter: Spurned couple should move on



I question the motives of the couple who filed a discrimination complaint against the bakery that refused to order a cake for their wedding (“Same-sex couple file complaint about bakery,” Aug. 15, The Columbian).

A wedding should be an event to celebrate finding someone to share your future. The time and money spent planning it can be substantial. However, when the businesses involved decline the couple’s requests for service (for whatever reason, including the right of refusal), should a complaint against them be filed? If so, why not file a complaint naming the individuals who did not attend the wedding because they voiced disapproval of the couple’s sexual orientation? What recourse does this couple anticipate if the state Bureau of Labor and Industries rules their complaint is without merit? Appeal and seek relief from a higher court?

Filing against Sweet Cakes by Melissa in this matter is ridiculous. It makes the couple look foolish and money hungry — not a way to start a new life. Shame on them. These individuals should withdraw the complaint, move on with their new lives and open their own business. Hopefully, they learn the true meaning of the words “tolerance,” “maturity” and “wisdom.”

Lynda Goetz