Talking Points: No triumphant return for Matt Flynn




Sorry Seahawks fans, you won’t get to see Matt Flynn make a triumphant return to Seattle.

The Raiders QB and former Seattle backup won’t play in Thursday’s game at CenturyLink Field.

Flynn has struggled this preseason and might lose his starting job to Terrelle Pryor, who led four scoring drives last week against Chicago.

Should Pryor win the job and go on to have a breakthrough year, Flynn will no doubt be sought after by other teams.

It seem whichever franchise has him discovers its quarterback of the future … in someone else.


Talk about putting the cart before the horsepower.

Matt McKeown of Plymouth, England, broke his own speed record for jet-propelled shopping carts when he piloted his ride 70.4 mph on an airfield runway. No word on whether he had to pit for groceries.

“It was the first time I’ve actually been scared driving that thing,” he told BBC News. “I remember going out for the final run and thinking this could genuinely go very wrong and be quite painful.”

We agree. Those carts are impossible to steer straight.


Olympic short track medalist Simon Cho received a two-year suspension from the International Skating Union on Sunday after admitting he tampered with the skates of a Canadian rival.

Cho confessed on Oct. 5, 2012, that he sabotaged the skates of Canada’s Olivier Jean during the 2011 World Team Championship but claimed he did it at the direction of former short track national coach Jae Su Chun.

Scandal , drama, and intrigue no doubt. But to make that kind of splash in skating, you really must do better. Tonya Harding raised that bar long ago.