Letter: It’s the upbringing, not the number



Letter writer Julia Rosenstein believes large families will adversely affect the survival of the planet and it’s all the fault of the Roman Catholics! (“Limit consumption of Earth’s bounty” Aug. 21)

Most reasonable people realize it’s not the amount of the children born to a family that affects society, but the behavior and upbringing of those offspring.

I belong to a Presbyterian church in Vancouver which has 10 large families, each between five and 13 children. These children are being raised with love and discipline, learning to be good workers and figuring out how best to live in peace with others. They have respect for parents, God and country. While Dad has a job in town, the family is raising gardens and animals to feed themselves and others. No family is on the public dole.

God has blessed those families and our church. The community has good workers becoming available. I am not claiming perfection for them; we are all sinners. But these families are spilling into the community good and law-abiding citizens that can pay their share of the taxes. They’re not going to be wasteful of the earth’s resources; they’ve learned to be frugal.

No, it’s not the number born that makes a difference, but how children are raised. God calls children a blessing and counts him happy who has his quiver full.

Lena T. Jones