Letter: Tolerance should not be parsed



In her Aug. 24 letter to the editor, "Spurned couple should move on," Lynda Goetz ends by suggesting that "these individuals should withdraw the complaint … and open their own business. Hopefully, they learn the true meaning of the words 'tolerance,' 'maturity' and 'wisdom.'"

I wonder if Goetz would have the same advice if the spurned couple had violated a different religious belief of the owners? Would she advocate the couple "be wise" if the business had turned them away because they were an inter-faith couple? Would she tell the couple to be "mature" if they had been turned away because they were interracial? Why is one set of religious beliefs more "tolerable" than another?

Washington has adopted marriage equality and, in all likelihood, Oregon will follow suit within the next election cycle. Tolerance is both a moral and a legal principle and should never be parsed or qualified under the guise of religious freedom.

David Kosloski