Letter: Put a ceiling on terms



Here we go again, debt ceiling being raised so Congress can borrow money to pay the bills. If the limit cannot be raised Congress could withhold Social Security and the military pay, reported in the Aug. 27 story “Mid-Oct. deadline to raise nation’s debt limit looms.” The first thing that needs to be cut is all of Congress’ wages and all foreign aid.

We continue to pay foreign aid to countries that are not our friends. When will this government learn you cannot buy friends? Cut the aid to these oil-rich countries and other countries that don’t like us and would like to destroy the United States of America.

The way I see to change things is to get rid of everyone in Congress and make them start new. Never vote your member of Congress back in after two terms. Maybe someday we will vote in someone with common sense to run the government.

I don’t see the platform of “Change” to have done any good. We need a platform of “Common Sense” to run the government. So to the government goonies look out. Get some common sense or go elsewhere to look for a pension and not on the taxpayer’s dollar.

Dave Clark