Letter: Standards are not being followed



Having attended the Clark County commissioners meeting to lend my support to Ed Barnes in his ongoing endeavor to ensure some form of accountability among Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke and Sen. Don Benton, it is blindingly clear that these gentlemen have no sense of professional obligation or dignity. Perhaps what is most maddening is that these three individuals represent an affront to the authority, ethics, and obligations of public office and bring an extraordinary amount of shame to the title of public servant. This view has nothing to do with their party affiliation and everything to do with their continued actions. As a moderate citizen of Clark County, it’s my view that pragmatism will always win the day; ideological nepotism, disregard for due process, and gross negligence in decision-making will not.

Clark County’s future will only remain bright if our elected leaders have the professional, mental, and ethical capacity to follow the rules, set the bar (unbelievably) high (it’s what we, as citizens, deserve), and to reject the notion that they can operate with blatant impunity. Perhaps what is most disrespectful to the citizens of Clark County is their continued outright disregard for the public’s input on their profoundly suspect hiring of a political ally.

Max Ault