Letter: We all lose if ACA fails



It will be a real crime against the American people if our president’s health care law is destroyed by the large insurance industry and the Republican Party; then we will be at their mercy and have no choice except what is dictated to us. Coverage will continue to be very costly and hospital stays will be dictated by the insurance companies.

President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act is not coming unglued because of his bungling but by those who don’t want it to succeed. Remember when, as first lady, Hillary Clinton fought so hard for a health care plan? Republicans and big insurance fought it successfully. I hope and pray that doesn’t happen to us with Obamacare. We will all be losers if it does.

We need this. Many Americans don’t have insurance or can’t afford the terrible cost of thousands of dollars a month for coverage for families. Money alone should not be the deciding factor for health care. It is too important.

Ann U. Harris