Talking Points: If Beavs go bowling, leave orange unis at home




We understand the players like the “bold” uniforms. We’re told this actually helps in recruiting and will accept it because we don’t know differently.

But the all-orange uniforms Oregon State wore in the Civil War game ranks No. 2 in Talking Points ratings of all-time ugly. Only the throwback uniforms worn by the Pittsburgh Steelers are worse.

So, if the Beavers choose to wear all-orange, trimmed in back, well, that’s up to them. But if we were a bowl selection committee, we’d condition the invitation on the agreement they leave the all-orange at home.


Sporting News has named its All-Stuffing team for Major League Baseball. The website calls it “a full roster of baseball players you don’t want to see coming to the table.” To make the team requires a Body Mass Index of at least 30 (obese), but also ability as a player.

Here’s the team, with the player’s BMI in parenthesis: Catcher Yadier Molina (31), 1B Prince Fielder (38), 2B Jedd Gyorko (30), SS Josh Donaldson (30), 3B Juan Uribe (32), outfielders Carlos Quentin (31), Mike Trout (30), Marlon Byrd (33), DH Billy Butler (32), RHP Bartolo Colon (37) and LHP Hyun-jin Ryu (33).


This from Shortly after the Red Sox won the World Series, the Movember Foundation — which promotes the awareness of prostate and testicular cancer — announced that it would be auctioning off David Ortiz and Shane Victorino’s facial hair for the cause.

The players’ beards, were almost immediately put up on eBay for a month of bidding.

There were two winners. According to eBay, there were 127 bids on Victorino’s facial hair, the highest being $3,750.69. As for MVP Ortiz, his beard fetched 132 bids that maxed out at $10,877.77.