List of applicants for pot licenses in Clark County grows

Increase in retail applicants means there will be lottery




1,700 pot business applications received in state

1,700 pot business applications received in state

The number of potential producers, processors and sellers of marijuana in Clark County continues to rise as the state nears the end of its application window.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board on Tuesday released an updated list of potential licensees across the state. The board plans to release new applicant information every Tuesday throughout the process, which began Nov. 18 and runs through Dec. 19.

By Dec. 10, the board had received 23 retail store, 33 processing and 44 grower license applications from Clark County.

The increase in retail applications means there will be a lottery to determine the 15 sellers allocated for the county, although there are some applicants that have applied for more than one seller’s license.

Of those, there are applications for two different sites in Northeast Vancouver by a company called Cannabee, and two applications for the same site on Harney Street from a company called the Holiday Green Corp.

There are no limits on the number of grower or processor licenses in the county or the state, but the board will limit retail sales operations to 334 statewide, including those in Clark County.

The number of applicants also rose for processing and growers licenses as of Dec. 10. On Dec. 3, the board had received 15 retail store, 22 processing and 30 grower license applications from Clark County. In comparison, on Nov. 26, the board had received 10 retail store, 14 processing and 20 grower license applications from the county.

Statewide numbers

Statewide, the board received 1,696 applications by Dec. 10, with 323 for retail stores, 579 for processing and 794 for growers. That’s up from the 1,329 applications through Dec. 3, with 231 for retail stores, 462 for processing and 636 for growers. And up from the first release on Nov. 26, which had 929 applications, with 158 for retail stores, 327 for processing and 444 for growers.

There are no other application windows planned after the Dec. 19 deadline, and board officials said they were unsure if there ever will be another one.

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