Camas Quest Part 3: An unforgettable ride

By Micah Rice, Columbian sports editor



 Photo Gallery: Camas Quest Part 3: An Unforgettable Ride

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Columbian photographer Steven Lane has been granted full access this season as he tries to capture the spirit of Camas football in his images.

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In the summer, we had a feeling the Camas football season would be unforgettable.

Nobody at The Columbian could remember a local high school team with such skill and lofty expectations.

We felt this rare collection of talent and personalities warranted unusual coverage. We asked the Camas coaching staff whether a photographer could be along for the ride this season.

And what a ride it was.

We owe a debt of gratitude to coach Jon Eagle, who allowed us unprecedented access before, during and after games.

Mostly, we want to thank the players. They don't play football for recognition; they just happened to be doing something they love successfully. When that happens, recognition follows.

After all, this is their story.

The heartbreaking ending of the state title game won't be forgotten. But the season was much more than that. In this final installment of our season-long project "Camas Quest," we take a look at a season marked by celebration, camaraderie and courage.

The tears that followed the final game can never wash those away.

— Micah Rice, Sports Editor