Letter: Release of calls objectionable



The Dec. 4 online story reported “Newtown 911 calls show calm response to shooting.”

What have we become? What happened to our lofty aims to gain the highest form of human grace, to ennoble our character and let the finer sensibilities prevail? How near are we, instead, to manifesting the apex of corruption, exploitation and hypocrisy? What, besides ratings and profit considerations, are the reasons for releasing, a year after the event, 911 calls of the Newtown tragedy when this helps no one, when it merely invigorates a pain that barely had lost its piercing sting?

However clever the disguise of phony moral sanctity, however well concealed the pretentious concern for the survivors of the fallen, it’s a vulgar spectacle of toying with tormented hearts and tattered tear ducts in return for greasy, soulless dollars.

To claim the purpose is to give “transparency” is merely a tool sufficiently ostensibly legitimate to serve this execrable purpose. It’s ego, greed and gluttony alone, and every means to still its endless hunger may be deemed acceptable, as long as we can coat the explanation in the spacious flavors that appeal to our twisted, manufactured sentiments and gullibility.

Michael E. White

Brush Prairie