Letter: Enough ‘gun control’ is in place



Upon reading Greg Jayne’s Dec. 15 column, “When will it be time for discussion about gun control?” about more gun control, I ask not when, but why? There are currently, literally thousands of gun control laws in effect, up to and including a national FBI background check. How can he not see that this “defines” well-regulated? If a person buys a gun from a dealer at a gun show, which is the vast majority of sellers, they go through the same background check. Only private sellers don’t utilize the check.

Regarding his comment “a peculiar level of paranoia,” about the government knowing who purchases a gun, he must not be paying attention to what is happening in New York City. They are contacting buyers of rifles and shotguns that can hold more than five rounds to inform them that the gun is no longer legal due to a 2010 ordinance, and if they don’t turn them in, they will face “consequences.” How does Jayne think New York City knows who bought those type of guns? They were required to register them with the city. Maybe not so peculiar after all.

Harold Lay