Man accused of kidnap, rape of stranger in Hazel Dell

Ordeal began outside Walmart, police say




A Vancouver man is accused of kidnapping a stranger late Wednesday outside the Hazel Dell Walmart and then violently raping him at a nearby motel.

Devin A. Brown, 19, appeared Thursday in Clark County Superior Court on suspicion of first-degree kidnapping, first-degree rape, indecent liberties, second-degree assault and first-degree robbery. He is scheduled to be arraigned Jan. 2 on the charges.

Judge Robert Lewis held Brown on $200,000 bail. He appointed Vancouver attorney Gregg Schile to defend Brown against the charges.

Court documents say that Brown approached the 18-year-old victim outside the store at 9000 N.E. Highway 99 and asked him if he wanted to buy drugs. Brown then allegedly told the victim that he was robbing him and that he had a knife and gun. The victim told Clark County sheriff’s deputies that he offered to give Brown all of the valuables he had if Brown wouldn’t hurt him.

Brown ordered the victim to walk south to the Value Motel, 708 N.E. 78th St., court documents say. Once they arrived at the motel, Brown allegedly punched the victim in the face several times, knocking the victim to the ground. Brown threatened to strangle the victim and then raped him, court documents say. After the rape, Brown allegedly kicked the victim in the head and left the scene with the victim’s clothes, phone and backpack.

The victim ran for help and located a sheriff’s patrol vehicle. A sheriff’s deputy found Brown hiding behind a dumpster near the Value Motel and arrested him, court documents say.

The victim suffered multiple injuries from the attack, none of which were life-threatening. When interviewed by sheriff’s investigators, Brown allegedly admitted to the rape. He said he took the victim’s clothes in order to have more time to escape the authorities, court documents say.