Letter: Overcompensating for bike travel



I understand how bike riders would love to have their own lanes but the situation is getting ridiculous. First we get the expensive roundabouts and now more bike lanes. I live on the east side of town and the redesigned MacArthur Boulevard is a joke. A four-lane boulevard has turned into a comedy act as people try and figure their multiple lanes.

This is a well-traveled route going east and west with a large divider between the lanes and sidewalks on each side of the street. Rarely do you see a cyclist on this street and now traffic is slowed down to the pace of 1950s when there is now three times the traffic. The kids who ride their bikes to and from school travel on the sidewalks.

Why do our city council members and county commissioners seem to think they have to spend money on revamping everything? We taxpayers certainly can’t afford to paint our house or cars every year. Just look at that one-way street behind the new library downtown next to the movie theater; you enter it one way and then have to back up with angle parking. It’s a joke.

Roger K. Burton