Weather Eye: First day of winter warmest since … since back in the fall



We had to wait until the official start of winter to reach a high temperature over 50 degrees. Saturday’s 52 degrees felt warm, almost spring-like. Let’s see, when was the last time we had a 50-degree high?

For some odd reason, that deep cold spell made it seem like months ago. In fact, it was last autumn — with 52 degrees back on December 2nd. Saying “last autumn” for the season that just ended does make it seem like long ago, doesn’t it?

I shed my winter jacket and wore my lighter spring jacket. Felt kind of good for a change. Forget the scarf, gloves and winter parka.

Certainly no need for all that for a while looking ahead. We have a weak weather system today and another Monday before skies clear and our high pressure parks over the region again. Nights will be chilly, in the upper 20s or low 30s depending on the cloud blanket. We could have fog through Christmas Day. East winds should kick in, allowing mild temperatures in the mountains and coastal beaches. Some valley locations remain foggy and others sunny. Nothing too exciting coming up.

Good thing Santa has Rudolph to guide his sleight through the fog Tuesday night. Who needs a GPS?

Last Friday’s snow was mostly a much to-do about nothing locally. Puget Sound northward had a nice snow cover. As I mentioned here Thursday, Seattle snow usually equals Vancouver no.

Our mountains are yearning for some snow but what comes Monday will be on the light side. Then high and dry. Outside of a couple wet spells in September and October, we haven’t seen much weather coming from the west due to the persistent ridge of high pressure. That won’t change. Some models hint of cold weather, maybe snow, over New Year’s but that is a ways out and will likely bounce off the wall two or three times.

Bottom line: Light showers possible today, rain Monday, clearing with fog Tuesday. Seasonal temperatures. Christmas morning could have freezing fog in some areas, so it may add a little white frost to the outside surroundings early. That is about as white as we can make it for Christmas Day.

Chat with you on Christmas Eve!

Patrick Timm
is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at