Letter: Blessing found in riches of family



Holidays can be a tough time for people, especially now with high prices, low wages, and not enough jobs. My family and I haven’t had a Christmas in three years, but we do dream of what it would be like to have enough money to give gifts, have a great Christmas feast, and help others in need. The rich buy that great Christmas, the working put it on credit cards and drown in debt, and the poor only dream about it.

I feel blessed that my family is healthy and understands money is not happiness: happiness comes from within.

I have been looking for work for eight months with no success. I have come to the realization that new graduates are overlooked in the job market. I have read statements from executives of top companies that new graduates aren’t prepared for the workplace. This may be true, but I would like to know how people who voice these statements received their jobs. They didn’t start at the top. Didn’t someone take a chance on them?

The next time you pass someone on the street, remember to smile because that person just may need some of your Christmas spirit to ease the hardships of life and help make their season a bit brighter.

Marty Josephson