Letter: Personal attacks are uncivil



It was difficult to read Kim Maddaluna’s reprehensible Dec. 18 letter “Hypocrisy should not be overlooked,” attacking Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, and her infant daughter who overcame a terminal birth defect. The letter writer has no way of knowing how much the family’s medical bills were, the details of her insurance plan, or who paid for any experimental treatment, so she really has no justification for calling Herrera Beutler a hypocrite.

The only label Herrera Beutler has earned for her actions is “mother.” What expectant mom wouldn’t drain her savings and do whatever she could to save the life of her daughter?

Here’s a call for civility. If you like Obamacare or believe taxpayers should provide more funding for Planned Parenthood, disagree with Herrera Beutler’s votes all day long. But attacking our congresswoman for decisions she made to save her daughter — particularly without having any facts about those decisions — is dirty personal politics at its worst.

James DeFord