Letter: Result of lane redesign is positive



Roger K. Burton’s Dec. 20 letter, “Overcompensating for bike travel,” is both misguided and ignorant of the facts on cyclists (bicycles).

Referring to MacArthur Boulevard, Burton claims that “rarely do you see a cyclist on this street.” He must not be paying attention, because I ride my bike regularly along MacArthur and I see other cyclists all the time. Cyclists favor MacArthur because it’s a wide street with lower traffic volumes. Bike lanes especially encourage newer cyclists because they feel safer.

I believe Burton is also mistaken about traffic being “slowed down to the pace of the 1950s.” I also drive a car, and most other cars I see on MacArthur, including mine, drive the speed limit (35 mph except in school zones). If this is too slow for Burton, he should slow down.

I’ve not seen any problems with the new lane striping on MacArthur, nor have I noticed “three times the traffic,” as Burton claims.

Additionally, Burton ignores the obvious benefits of cycling — better health, no use of gasoline and no CO2 emissions. Cycling is a win-win for everyone, except perhaps Burton.

Lehman Holder