Clark County burn ban lifted

By Marissa Harshman, Columbian health reporter



The Southwest Clean Air Agency will lift the Stage 1 burn ban in Clark County this afternoon.

The agency is lifting the ban at 1 p.m., despite the National Weather Service's decision to extend its air stagnation advisory through Sunday.

The agency placed restrictions on using wood stoves and fireplaces in Clark County on Tuesday. Residents will once again be free to use their wood stoves and fireplaces but are asked to burn as cleanly as possible.

“These past few days of fog and stagnant air conditions have demonstrated how reduced wood smoke from individual households can result in maintaining acceptable air quality and benefit an entire community,” said Robert Elliott, executive director of the Southwest Clean Air Agency, in a news release. “So we ask that if people must burn, that they use only dry, seasoned firewood and follow clean burning practices.”

The lifted burn ban also means outdoor burning will be allowed again, with the proper permits.

Weather conditions forecast today and through the weekend are similar to the past few days but with slightly improving conditions and a chance of rain, which should maintain air quality in Clark County, according to the news release.

The agency will continue to monitor the weather and air quality conditions.