Letter: A word about pet peeves



As a loyal fan of The Columbian and having been on its morning home-delivery recipient list for a number of years, I have two beefs.

  1. Newspaper editors everywhere continue to complain about the Internet stealing away readers and causing diminishing sales of their daily product. Including Columbian editor Lou Brancaccio. So stop telling us to log on to your website to get information that you have occasionally decided not to list. Movie theaters’ show times, evening sports scores, etc. Isn’t that like shooting yourself in the foot?

  2. Now this beef is more of a pet peeve but I’d bet hundreds of readers feel the same way. Please stop printing the New York Times crossword in section A. It used to be placed in the classified section. But now, as most puzzle-people do, we get to the paper before anybody else in the household, then after reading it, fold up the front-page section and virtually hoard it the rest of the day, especially on Fridays and Saturdays when the puzzles are so very challenging.

Do you know what that can do to a relationship?

Yes, I’m obviously poking fun but still, in Brancaccio’s own words, “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff.” (Oh yeah, please send me one of those coffee mugs for my man cave “spiritual events.” Or should I go online to get one?)

Tom McMullen