Letter: Will be battle to keep pot from kids



The Dec. 27 editorial “Marijuana and minors” calls attention to the importance of educating our young people about the dangers of marijuana use, now that we will soon find pot for sale to adults in convenient locations throughout our region. If Colorado, just slightly ahead of us in developing the pot sale rules, is a bellwether, we must prepare for a tough fight to keep pot out of the hands of many more kids than ever before.

At DenverPost.com on Dec. 9, we learned that “pocket hookahs proliferate with young marijuana users.” Bob Doyle, executive director of Colorado Tobacco Education and Prevention Alliance, states “the marijuana industry is as advanced or more advanced than the e-cigarette industry. The products (e.g. pocket vaporizers or vapes) are appealing to kids and they promote the ability to hide marijuana use.” The owner of a head shop in Englewood, Colo., stressed that he does not sell to minors “but he acknowledged that vapes are getting into the hands of youths and are easily available online.” Latest figures from the Colorado Division of Behavioral Health show that in the previous 30 days, 23 to 32 percent of high school aged students said they had smoked marijuana. The percentage rose with each higher grade level.

Ann T. Donnelly