Talking Points: Hockey coming to Seattle?




High times for Seattle sports fans. Besides the rumblings of the Sacramento Kings possibly moving to the Emerald City, there’s now the belief that the National Hockey League could soon arrive as well.

According to the Associated Press, Greg Jamison, a potential owner, did not complete the purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes before a lease agreement with the City of Glendale (Ariz.) expired on Thursday. This opens the door for other bidders to buy the team that is operated by the NHL — and a likely name will be Chris Hansen, the same man trying to resurrect the Seattle SuperSonics.

King County executive Dow Constantine, one of the instrumental players who helped get a bill passed to construct the new downtown Seattle arena, said last year that “there are unbridled enthusiasts to bring back hockey (to Seattle).”

Seattle once had the Metropolitans, a professional hockey team that won the 1917 Stanley Cup.


 J.J. Watt, the baddest dude in the NFL and the nicest guy around.

After the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary shooting tragedy, Watt, the Houston Texans defensive end, spent time with young boys from Newtown, Conn. And just recently, Watt made a little girl’s dream come true — by marrying her.

Watt, who recorded 20.5 sacks in his second season and is a frontrunner for Defensive Player of the Year honors, saw a video of six-year-old Breanna crying because she wasn’t “old enough” to marry him. So Watt sprang into action on social media to track down his fair maiden. On Wednesday, Watt posted photos of him down on one knee proposing and Breanna said ‘yes.’ The two became pretend husband and wife for a day and Watt certainly earned cool points for a lifetime.