Fort’s visitor center examines written word



Connecting through the written word — over distance as well as time — is the subject of an exhibit Sunday at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.

Archived letters and postcards will be on display from noon to 3 p.m. at the visitor center, 1501 Evergreen St., at the east end of Officers Row.

“Today’s communication is so immediate, people often forget that correspondence in the 19th century could take months or even years,” said Park Ranger Cassie Anderson. “If you were literate, and you could only send one letter a year to a loved one, what would you write?”

Costumed interpreters dressed as Hudson’s Bay Company clerks will help visitors write by dipping a pen in ink. Re-enactors will perform short scenes about a real Hudson’s Bay Company letter that was never delivered and an event stemming from a U.S. Army experience at Vancouver Barracks. There will also be children’s activities.

A new exhibit about the Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration also will be on display.

Entrance to the visitor center is always free. Entrance fees apply to the reconstructed fort: $3 for adults, free for those 15 and younger.