Letter: Madore’s altruism is unconvincing



Thanks to The Columbian’s near daily insightful coverage, its archives, Google, and Facebook, there exists much to learn about our new County Commissioner David Madore. I researched his generous support for many failed local candidates, his evangelical outreach and activism, his crass city council meeting protests, his ill-researched filing for port commissioner, and his shady campaign trickery. I learned little about what truly motivates this multi-millionaire entrepreneur to spend a local-office state record $314,000 of his own wealth to inject himself into county politics.

I’m still left wondering why so late in the planning he so compulsively opposes the critically needed Columbia River Crossing and common-sense inclusion of modern mass transit. I’m left worrying how his avid sectarian evangelicalism will affect his policies on civic and secular issues. His confusing positions and unconvincing altruism suggest to me that Madore’s goals rest little with the people’s concerns and most in promoting his ideological special interests.

I predict his forced zeal will wane dealing with small county issues and that warehouse full of view-blocking 4-foot by 8-foot signage will be repainted for his next low-road campaign to gather more notoriety, influence and power for himself.

Donald Baiar