Letter: Schools are wise investment



As a parent of students in Vancouver Public Schools, I ask voters in “our” district to vote “yes” on both the maintenance and operations levy and the technology levy in the Feb. 12 election. I can’t think of a time when our community’s support is more needed for safety, security, and other classroom maintenance items for students and teachers.

Vancouver Public Schools’ investment and dedication in, and to, our kids has a direct correlation with our community’s desirability and its property values. I have witnessed, first-hand, the strong and ethical stewardship of funds, and am pleased to consider the upcoming levies an opportunity to exercise a very prudent and worthwhile investment — not just for my kids, but for the community I have considered home for 35 years.

A vote of “yes” on both levies has positive economic ramifications that will surely pay dividends for years to come. Research shows a positive return on investment for each high school graduate produced by Vancouver Public Schools. This is a reality and benefit for local businesses and our economy. Voting “yes” simply makes sense for our kids and cents for our local economy.

Mark J. Osborne