Letter: Details of bridge design ignored



I recently read, with great interest, a news story concerning Sen. Don Benton’s, R-Vancouver, bill relating to the state of Washington funding the Columbia River Crossing and light rail. What really caught my eye is the responses of Reps. Monica Stonier, D-Vancouver, and Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver, that it’s too late. Several things immediately come to mind. Before “whoever” spent $140-plus million, perhaps one would have found out if the people of Clark County supported light rail and the cost related to the operation. Next, perhaps “whoever” should have asked the Coast Guard how high to build the bridge.

“Whoever,” and I include Stonier and Moeller, do not care to listen to the people just as King Obama and the Congress passed Obamacare plus with an executive order approved a version of the Dream Act that could not make it through Congress.

I spent 27 months in Germany back in the 1960s keeping the socialists on their side of the border, then to come back and spend my golden years fighting a similar battle. And by the way, I am a registered Democrat.

James E. Blighton