Talking Points: Super weather



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


The forecast for Super Bowl Sunday calls for a high of 34 degrees with a low into the low 20s, with a chance of snow.

Of course, that’s not the forecast in the Super Bowl city this year. That would really freak out the people of New Orleans.

But even if it were to snow in New Orleans on Sunday, no big deal, the Big Game will be played inside a big dome.

Next year, though, the Super Bowl will be played in East Rutherford, N.J., home of the Giants and the Jets.

An outdoor stadium.

First week of February.

In the Northeast.

Some are questioning the wisdom of the NFL to bring weather into the Super Bowl.

We love it.

There has never been an outdoor Super Bowl in a cold winter city. We say, it’s about time.

One of the best playoff football games of all time is just a few weeks behind us. But remember, it was super cold in Denver when Baltimore beat the Broncos 38-35 in OT.

The Ice Bowl, believe it or not, was played in cold weather.

Tom Brady began his Super Bowl run in a memorable snow storm. Of course, the Raiders got hosed in that game, but the game was still awesome until the Tuck Rule.

Point is, weather games are just as memorable as any other game.

A Super Snow Storm Super Bowl Sounds Sweet.


Police, in a long pursuit that covered parts of two states, arrested a former NASCAR driver this week.

Timothy Tyler Andrew Walker competed in 28 NASCAR races before being suspended in 2007 for drug violations. (You might not believe this, but after he was stopped, police found drugs in his car!)

Anyway, we’re not impressed that the police stopped this guy. He’s just a former NASCAR driver. Want to impress us? Stop a present-day NASCAR driver.

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