Letter: Madore too busy micromanaging



The Jan. 25 editorial, “Misguided commissioners: Madore, Mielke act against best ideas for creating jobs in Clark County,” is spot on, if maybe not critical enough. Just who, I wonder made both of these commissioners king? David Madore especially.

It seems that if you don’t agree with Madore, you will be punished. Stopping county funding to the Columbia River Economic Develop Council is insane. We need jobs in Clark County. Is Madore actively looking for ways to bring employers here? Not so far.

What I see is micromismanagement. You should hire people, then let them do their job without looking over their shoulders. Then for Madore to say the vote not to pay for light rail maintenance and operations was a vote against light rail is also untrue. It was a vote against the proposed sales tax increase, not against light rail, which I feel was premature. We need that bridge, badly. Do we need light rail? Not so much. I wonder how often Madore has to travel on that bridge. Do it on a regular basis and you will find how horrible the experience is.

Leonard Mills