Letter: Pot legalization is problematic



The Jan. 28 editorial, “Pot pressure intensifies,” justified supporting I-502 because “marijuana prohibition has been a miserable failure in multiple ways.” That twisted line of reasoning could be used to justify legalizing any number of crimes, from murder to using cellphones when driving.

The Columbian touted the “wisdom” of voters in passing I-502 by 55.7 percent. However, if you look at the voting records, it becomes apparent the law passed due to the large population of the Puget Sound area out-voting the rest of the state.

There has been a growing notion by some that by legalizing activities that are detrimental to individuals and society, it will somehow prevent the bad consequences of that behavior or activity from occurring. The reality is, bad life choices result in bad consequences, whether it is legal or not.

As noted in the editorial, enforcement of marijuana laws in the state proved to be a “miserable failure.” So, now the state Liquor Control Board will do it?

But wait, the state will generate revenue from marijuana. The state, in essence, will become the equivalent of a drug kingpin, skimming their cut off the top, and approving drug dealers, i.e. “vendorsk” as they now spin it. How sad for citizens of Washington.

Rick Atkins

Battle Ground