Husky jumps into SUV, eats woman’s pizza



Authorities have identified a Siberian husky that was taken into custody after devouring a family’s pepperoni pizza.

Marion County sheriff’s spokesman Don Thomson says the dog’s name is Eysak, and its owner was going to a shelter Wednesday afternoon to reclaim him.

The husky got into trouble after a Salem woman and her relatives returned home with a large pizza.

The woman saw the dog in a neighbor’s yard, but paid little attention as she removed her grandmother’s wheelchair from her SUV.

Soon, the dog was in the back seat eating the pizza.

Neither the woman nor the deputy who arrived to help could get the dog, which they described as aggressive, to leave the SUV.

Animal control eventually apprehended Eysak, whose collar did not include his address, but did say: “Don’t Mess with My Food.”