Letter: Herrera Beutler criticism confuses



David Miller’s Jan. 26 letter, “Herrera Beutler is no ‘centrist,'” makes me wonder if he is angry at The Columbian for labeling Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, a centrist, or mad at her because he feels she doesn’t live up to the label given her by The Columbian. She ran for office as a reasonably conservative Republican … imagine she should have the nerve to vote Republican the majority of the time.

He also finds her woefully uninformed. Is that because her take on issues doesn’t agree with his?

I disagree with Miller’s opinion of gun control issues. The so-called assault weapon ban changed nothing the first time around except to deny rights to law-abiding citizens. I believe the problem lies somewhere besides the weapon itself, such as with mental health issues.

I do agree with background checks, although until mental health is made a part of the background check, it will do little to reduce violence.

A classic example is the Jan. 31 story, “No criminal charges in inmate’s death.” The inmate had been there 12 times, and clearly had mental health issues. There’s something wrong with a system that puts a person diagnosed as “a high risk for future danger to others,” back on the streets to fend for himself.

Ron Johnson

Battle Ground