Letter: Local antics resemble Congress



OK, I get it. David Madore makes more money than I do. And that’s why he was able to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaigning for the Clark County commissioner office. Of course, his opponent (from the same party) never had a chance.

In theory, I guess that’s OK. I’m sort of libertarian in spirit, and maybe if I had a political agenda and the money to pursue it, I might do the same thing.

But even so, I don’t agree that his attaining election to the office constitutes a countywide endorsement of his politics. County Commissioner Steve Stuart, a Democrat, may be the last bastion of sanity in that office (I never thought I’d say that), and to his credit, Commissioner Tom Mielke, a Republican, occasionally shows flashes of independent lucidity.

But alas, even our small county government appears to be as dysfunctional as Congress.

Will the madness ever end?

Mike Spence