Fishing report 2/7

By Allen Thomas, Columbian outdoors reporter



Sturgeon retention in the Bonneville pool is closed beginning Monday.

Believe it not, there are some fishermen prospecting already for spring chinook in the lower Columbia River.

Angler checks from the Washington (WDFW) and Oregon (ODFW) departments of Fish and Wildlife:

Lower Columbia — Longview to Portland, 62 bank rods with one steelhead kept; 67 boaters with 35 sublegal sturgeon released. (ODFW)

Kalama, four boaters with no sturgeon. (WDFW)

Portland, six boaters with no spring chinook. (ODFW)

North Bonneville, three bank rods with no sturgeon. (WDFW)

Mid-Columbia — Bonneville pool, 135 boaters with 33 legal sturgeon kept plus two oversize, 11 legal and 473 sublegals released; 56 bank rods with nine sublegals released; one boater with three walleye kept. (WDFW)

The Dalles pool, three boaters with two legal sturgeon kept plus one oversize and 10 sublegals released; 14 bank rods with one sublegal sturgeon released; 15 bank rods with one steelhead; three boaters with two walleye kept and one released. (WDFW)

John Day pool, 54 bank rods with one sublegal sturgeon released; 80 boaters with three legal sturgeon kept plus four oversize and 12 sublegals released; 31 boaters with six walleye kept and three released. (WDFW)

John Day River mouth, nine boaters with five steelhead released. (ODFW)

Washougal — Thirteen boaters with four steelhead kept and one steelhead released; 38 bank rods with two hatchery steelhead kept and 11 wild steelhead released. (WDFW)

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