Letter: Air your support for Pearson



Vancouver City Council’s initial reaction to the news about the problem between the Fort Vancouver National Trust and the National Park Service was not robust. This is much more than a dispute between a federal department and a local nonprofit champion of our heritage. It is a blatant assault by NPS of its laws and regulations to commandeer the Pearson Air Museum.

In reading about this erupting problem, do not be fooled by NPS’ talk of acting in good faith. This bureaucracy cannot abide the stunning success the trust has had and the marvelous human resources and educational opportunities for youth the trust provides to make Vancouver a better place.

If the attempted ruination of Pearson is not painful enough, think what’s in store for our city and the trust as they try to cooperate with these agreement-busters on other parts of our One Place Across Time.

It is not too late. This can be overcome by Congress. Our senators and representative have local offices in the Historic Reserve. It is in their power to affect NPS laws, regulations and behavior and protect this community investment.

Become informed. Contact your members of Congress. A community outcry is in order.

Richard Malin