Letter: Light rail here would fulfill a dream



I have a bigger dream for the light rail. I have a dream that more Vancouver neighborhoods will reach a livability score that comes with easier access to goods and services. I have a dream that all the Park & Ride locations will become connected to light rail. That light rail will go across the Glenn Jackson Bridge.

I have a dream that property values will increase wherever light-rail lines are routed. I have a dream that the quality of life improves for senior citizens with easier access to grocery shopping, entertainment, and medical treatment. Access for students going to school and people going to work.

I have a dream that new business and jobs will pop up like mushrooms along the path of light rail as it expands to miles of interconnected light rail in Vancouver, Battle Ground and Camas.

I have a dream that air quality improves with fewer cars on the road.

A light-rail system attracts more people to live in Vancouver. Attracts visitors who will explore, vacation and shop in Clark County. Attracts large companies with good jobs.

Let’s all realize the vision for quality of life, economic growth and a wonderful vibrant community. Let’s get behind light rail and the Columbia River Crossing.

Ken Spurlock