Talking Points: Point shaving in soccer? Is that even possible?




News broke a couple days ago that more than 600 soccer matches throughout the world might have been affected by a gambling scandal.

Match fixing, in fact.

Which leads us to wonder, just how would anyone know if someone was trying to not score in a soccer match?

If nil-nil or 1-nil matches are fixed, then our guess is the gambling scandal goes back to whenever the game was invented.


Reports say the Seattle Mariners and pitcher Felix Hernandez have agreed to an extension that will make him the highest paid pitcher in major league history.

Mariners fans rejoice!

The Mariners will need their ace because the club is moving in the fences at Safeco Field. In theory, more runs will be scored at Mariners home games. Well, except for when Hernandez pitches, of course.

The great thing about Hernandez is his consistency. He doesn’t just dominate at home. He dominates everywhere.

Last year, he had a better ERA at home than on the road. But in 2011, he was better on the road than at home.

For his career, the splits remain close.

He has started 119 games on the road and 119 at home. He has 51 wins at home, 47 on the road. His ERA is 3.16 at home, 3.17 on the road.

He’s just great everywhere. And because we’re not signing his checks, he’s worth that $175M.